Mochochonono Protect

The Leading South African Manufacturer Of Bullet Resistant Clothing

Mochochonono Protect (pty) Ltd was founded in 2011 with a view to provide and develop unique bullet resistant clothing and uniform using specialized material and the latest technology, to meet the clients resources and budgets for all its safety needs.

Who We Are

Mochochonono Protect (pty) Ltd is a 100% black owned company in South Africa which provides a developed range of ballistic amour and all types of uniforms; the success of which is based in the design which incorporates a system of ceramic plates and soft ballistic inserts.

Mochochonono Protect (pty) Ltd resurrects from the African soil and fully embraces the presidency’s vision of the African renaissance in the public and private sector. Our competitive edge is our understanding and implementation of the governments national legislative policy frameworks, furthermore.

High Quality

Bullet Resistant Clothing

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Mochochonono Protect (Pty) Ltd mirrors the presidents sentiments in reawakening the African spirit by providing African solutions in an African concept

Mochochonono Protect (Pty) Ltd share holders believe that we owe it our country to contribute to the organizations by high quality bullet resistant clothing with the quest to preserve human life.


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