Specialist in Bullet Resistant Clothing


Mochochonono Protect is proud to be recognised as the leading South African manufacturer of high quality bullet resistant clothing that will ensure best safety and zero trauma to the wearer.

We provide a developed range of Ballistic Armor and all types of uniform of which our success is based in the design which incorporates a system of ceramic plates together with soft ballistic inserts ensuring proper protection and total customer satisfaction. We are a 100% black owned company.

Mochochonono Protect is compliant to all Safety Legislation requirements and specification in conjunction with US NIJ and SABS standards. This system assists us in ensuring that only the best quality products are produced in our manufacturing factories.

We are from the African soil and fully embrace the vision of African renaissance in the Public and Private Sector. Our competitive edge is our understanding and implementation of the Governments National Legislative Policy Framework.

Mochochonono Protect mirrors the President’s sentiments in that reawakening the African Spirit by providing African Solution is an African Concept. We believe that we owe it to our Country to contribute to the Organizations by providing high quality bullet resistant clothing with the quest to preservation of human life. These can be achieved through:

    1. Manufacturing high quality bullet resistant clothing by utilizing the latest bullet proof technology and materials.
    2. Supplying a well tailored uniform to business of all sizes and types.
    3. Assisting our Clients by enhancing their security environment by providing them with innovative and customized Body Amour solutions.
    4. Granting our clients with opportunities of high quality uniform to represent their companies as well as a symbol of identify.
    5. Providing competitive prices for body armor and uniform to our market.
    6. Promoting economic and social uplifts of communities in which our stakeholders operate.

We aim to accomplish the above through the professional, motivated and highly trained staffs that take pride and joy in providing quality service and excellence to our clients.

Mochochonono Protect also provides a healthy and safe working environment where employees work as a team and develop as individuals. We regard our Staff as our greatest assets. The environment at Mochochonono Protect recognizes the diversity of our province demographics and we guide our staff to work towards our common goal of Safety and Security.

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