Specialist in Bullet Resistant Clothing


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Mr. Berea Madzonga is a self-made respected business owner in South Africa. He was born at the rural village of Zwigodini in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. After years of working in the farms in the Limpopo Province at his early years, he decided to go look for better opportunities in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province. Life in Gauteng Province was not as easy as he thought it would be, as he faced extreme challenges over the years, from losing his Security job, working in the chicken kraal and eventually staying under the bridge.

His big break came when he got a job as a driver at a bullet proof manufacturing company, and due to his hard-work and dedication he was then promoted and joined the manufacturing division in the same company. After many years of working in the company, he then decided to leave the company to pursue his dreams, where he went on to establish Mochochonono Protect in 2006 with a view of providing quality bullet resistant and security clothing to the market.

Mr. Madzonga, who is regarded by many as the visionary, is currently the CEO of the company and one of his responsibilities is to oversee the overall functioning of the company. Mr. Madzonga’s plan is to grow Mochochonono Protect to be one of the dominant players within the industry. He trusts this can be achieved through proper human resource investment and better financial management systems. He believes that one need to persevere in what they do to become successful.

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Ms Kedibone Loate is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) for Mochochonono Protect. She has been with the company since its inception. Her role is to direct and administers the internal operational matters in accordance with the policies, goals and values of the company. She leads the day to day running of the company and ensures that all the company business functions are operational. She also strives in ensuring that all activities and operations of the company are performed in compliance with regulations and laws governing business operations

Ms Loate believes that the success of the company derives mainly from its management funds and investments. She shares the vision and missions of the company and believes that the company personnel played the pivotal role to its successes thus far.

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